Our company primarily offers two flavors of Managed Cloud Services:

Pronounced Cocoa and Chex (mmm so good)

Each offering contains tailored tools and workflows that together solve the client requirement.

CCO: Common Cloud Onboarding

The CCO package is meant for clients that have need for a small, yet reliable backend technology stack that is easy to manage, build up, and tear down.

Common use cases:

  • Small team of developers building a mobile app that needs to communicate with a robust, scalable backend API
  • Individuals or small teams interested in offloading their continuous integration and continuous delivery processes
  • You are a business owner, and you already have the Front-end to your product down pat, but lack adequate staffing to support backoffice infrastructure
  • Any combination of the above

Read more: TK.CCO

CHX: Complex and Hybrid Cloud Execution

The CHX package is meant for clients that require more complex workflows. The deliverable here is a cloud solution that is either co-managed or managed entirely by us. You’ll get the same reliability as CCO, but with an enterprise-grade technology stack.

Common use cases:

  • Small Business with in-house, fully-staffed technology stack needing help in scaling up business operations by leveraging cloud infrastructure
  • Your business requirs an enterprise-grade backend deployment that meets the following requirements
    • Distributed
    • Highly Available, Fault Tolerant, Stable
    • Scaleable
    • Performant: Can accomodate a high number requests per minute (e.g. 100K+)
  • Individuals or small teams requiring a technical attachĂ© for test driving turnkey cloud solutions such as:
    • Rancher
    • VMWare PKS
  • Any combination of the above

Read more: TK.CHX