Tecknicos is comprised of an open and welcoming group of technology-loving people 😜

Our mission is simple:

  • We target small businesses, teams, and/or individuals looking to extend their business operations into the cloud space
  • We help with transitioning from legacy, hard-to-manage information systems to modern, well-orchestrated and robust architectures
  • We help you adopt today’s industry best practices and methodologies for managing increasingly complex infrastructures that more often incorporate cloud-based compute resources

At Tecknicos, we value the openness of open source, and model our sense of community around that. Our work is client-centric before all else. See our Company Page if you’d like to know more of what we’re about.

Our governance model is a binary process:

  • A Project Management comitte oversees open projects
  • A Technical Steering committee drives technical direction

See Governance for more information.

Interested in making Tecknicos better? Here are some ways you can get involved!

  • Join the Slack Channel, shoot the proverbial $hit with our techies
  • Check us out on GitHub, peruse our website source code and other open projects
  • Get social and follow on us on Instagram and Twitter
  • Send a short email recommending Tecknicos to a few of your colleagues who might find our services helpful
  • Share your experience with us on Social Media, a technology forum, or your personal blog